Fees and Requirements


Price per visit at client's home, within Mahwah (average visit is 20 minutes long): 22.00

per visit (outside coverage area): 22.00 and up

initial meet and greet: no charge

any visits after initial consult (example:key pick up): 22.00 and up

There are no additional fees to administer medication.

*ALL CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT FORMS. They are kept on file for future visits.
In order to walk a dog, each dog must have a secured collar ( non slip). Harnesses are only used for medical needs, otherwise, dogs that are walked need a non slip collar. 


Services offered base cost- this is determined by distance and time involved with task
nail trim 22.00
anal gland expression 18.00 ( plus petsitting fee)
palliative care / hospice 18.00 ( plus petsitting fee)
medication adminstration, including but not limited to: insulin/diabetic injection, allergy shot, subcutaneous fluids, eye ointment/drops, transdermal 22.00 and up
consultation - if your pet has been diagnosed with an overwhelming condition and you are having trouble implementing a health care plan. This is in conjunction with your vet's instructions. This consulatation includes adminstering meds. 50.00
medical boarding - this is reserved for pets that normally would stay at a veterinary hospital, this is not hospitalization. Certified vet tech administering treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. 52.00
ear cleaning - this includes adminstration of meds if necessary 22.00 and up
wound care - this includes adminstration of meds if necessary 22.00 and up
kitty carrier assistance - if you have a terrible time getting your cat in a carrier, I can help. Think about it- does your cat easily go into the carrier when the exam is done? 22.00 and up
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