Our pets don't need yearly vaccines. Do you get yearly vaccines? Or did you get vaccines as a youngster then never get them again or get a vaccine every 5-10 years?

Dr Shultz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)



Pet Food: If you know what's in most commercial brands you would NOT feed it to your pet. Do you think eating Cherios all your life is healthy, balanced and will keep your teeth clean? Most all commercial food is grain based sprayed with sugar. Would you feed this to your child and think he/she is eating a balanced meal? Why feed your pet what's equivalent to dyed sucrose cereal? Dogs and cats need meat based proteins as most of their caloric needs. Below is info on pet foods.

Commercial pet food, worse than a junk food diet

Dr. Silver (wholistic vet), healthy living for your pet



If you can't feed raw- convenient choice


NJ Wildlife info:

Snakes of NJ

NJ Bear facts

What to do if you find wildlife

 Wayward Toddler found roaming with family's Pit Bull


An Old Farmer's Advice  



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